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Symptoms And Treatment Options For Arthritis In The Knee

18 January 2017
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Have you been having difficulty getting up from a sitting position? Or have you been finding it difficult to climb up and down stairs? If you have been experiencing either of these issues due to pain in your knee, you may have arthritis. Here are some common symptoms of arthritis in the knee, along with three effective treatment options.  Common Symptoms for Arthritis in the Knee  While not everyone may experience the same kinds of symptoms when it comes to having arthritis in the knee, there are some common ones to be aware of. Read More …

Tips For Taking Notes In Rehab

29 December 2016
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If you have have to go to an in-patient treatment center for substance abuse, you likely want to make the most out of the situation in order to make sure that you are able to solidify your recovery and feel better about your situation. This means that you will need to take careful notes about what you learn while you are in rehab. You might learn coping skills to deal with strong emotions in the moment that you used to deal with by using a substance or you might learn about ways to challenge negative thoughts that you have about yourself. Read More …

Do Flu Vaccines Really Protect You?

23 September 2016
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When the temperature cools down, you can enjoy many seasonal delights: pumpkin pie, falling leaves, hot cocoa, and the flu. You have been told that you need to get a yearly flu vaccine, but you may hesitate, partly because you know that the shot will not protect you from all strains of the virus. Even though the flu vaccine is not perfect, you should still get the shot each year. Read More …

Treating Your Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: Newer Options You Should Know About

30 July 2016
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When you have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, you may wonder if there are any treatment options that available to you. You may not know if there are choices that can give you a chance at keeping you going for as long as possible, let alone beating the cancer entirely. While pancreatic cancer can be tricky to treat (mainly because it is often quite advanced when it is detected), this does not mean that there is nothing you can do. Read More …

Reasons You May Want To Seek Out Counseling During Your Pregnancy

28 July 2016
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When you are pregnant, it is a time of a great many changes in your body, life, and mind. Change is not always easy and some women have difficulties throughout their pregnancy adjusting to everything that is going on. As such, it may be beneficial to seek out mental health counseling during pregnancy. Get to know some of the reasons that you may want to go to pregnancy counseling so that you can be sure you are taking the best possible care of yourself and your growing family. Read More …