Tips For Taking Notes In Rehab

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Tips For Taking Notes In Rehab

29 December 2016
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If you have have to go to an in-patient treatment center for substance abuse, you likely want to make the most out of the situation in order to make sure that you are able to solidify your recovery and feel better about your situation. This means that you will need to take careful notes about what you learn while you are in rehab. You might learn coping skills to deal with strong emotions in the moment that you used to deal with by using a substance or you might learn about ways to challenge negative thoughts that you have about yourself.

Here are some tips for taking notes while in rehab in order to solidify everything that you want to remember from the experience:

1. Bring a binder full of paper to rehab

The first thing that you want to do is bring a binder full of paper to the substance abuse treatment center. You will also want to bring a supply of pens. The reason why you want to bring a binder is because there will likely be a variety of handouts that will illustrate different coping skill and techniques. You don't want to bring a single notebook because you might run out of room and not be able to take notes during the last part of your time in the rehab center. 

2. Pay attention during group sessions

Some of the most important parts of your recovery are going to be during the group sessions that you have. You won't need to write down the personal details that other people are sharing, but you should write down the advice that you receive while you are in a group session. While you are in the group session, you might not be able to process the advice that people are giving you because you might be too emotional. If you write down what they say, then you will be able to look over the information that has been given to you when you are emotionally calmer. This will make the advice that you are given much more helpful than it would otherwise be in the moment.

3. Write affirmations

Finally, write a variety of examples of affirmations for yourself that you can look at whenever you are feeling worried or sad because it will allow you to look back at them and improve your overall mood.

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