Symptoms And Treatment Options For Arthritis In The Knee

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Symptoms And Treatment Options For Arthritis In The Knee

18 January 2017
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Have you been having difficulty getting up from a sitting position? Or have you been finding it difficult to climb up and down stairs? If you have been experiencing either of these issues due to pain in your knee, you may have arthritis. Here are some common symptoms of arthritis in the knee, along with three effective treatment options. 

Common Symptoms for Arthritis in the Knee 

While not everyone may experience the same kinds of symptoms when it comes to having arthritis in the knee, there are some common ones to be aware of. Here are some of those symptoms to look for in your knee: 

  • Pain that gradually increases
  • Feels tender or looks swollen
  • Gives way or buckles 
  • Locks up and cannot straighten out
  • Makes cracking or popping noises
  • Begins to looks deformed
  • Decrease in the range of motion

If you happen to get an x-ray of your knee, you will also most likely see a reduced amount of space in the joint. The reason there is less joint space is because the space that is normally filled with cartilage has been wearing away. If it has been determined by a health professional that you do have arthritis in your knee, there are some effective treatment options. 

Three Treatment Options for Arthritis in the Knee 

1. Medications - certain types of medication may be prescribed to help treat knee pain and inflammation. Some commonly prescribed medications include: 

  • Analgesics
  • Corticosteroids
  • Biologic response modifiers
  • Topical NSAIDs
  • Opioids

While these medications won't cure arthritis, they will certainly help to alleviate the pain so that you can get around easier.  

2. Injections - When medications are no longer working to control the pain, certain types of injections may be effective. Some of the more common ones include: 

  • Hyaluronic acid supplements
  • Corticosteroid injections

A procedure called arthrocentesis draws out fluid from the knee and can also help to control pain and swelling.  

3. Surgery - Some who suffer with arthritis in the knee may choose to have surgery. Some common surgeries include: 

  • Total joint replacement
  • Arthroscopy
  • Osteotomy

Another surgical option includes a type of robotic knee surgery called robotic partial knee replacement. Instead of replacing the entire joint, only the part of the knee that is arthritic gets resurfaced. 

When it comes to treatment options for arthritis, your doctor can help you determine if medications, injections, or surgery is the best choice for you.