Three Myths About Medicare Advantage Coverage

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Three Myths About Medicare Advantage Coverage

18 January 2021
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For older Americans, enrolling in Medicare can be among the best options for allowing them to afford the costs of their medical treatments. While this is a program that benefits millions of people, there are many misconceptions that can make it very hard for individuals to understand how this program can help them.

Myth: Medicare Will Pay For Any Expenses You Incur From Your Medical Treatments

One of the main benefits of Medicare is that it will provide coverage for individuals when they are seeking treatment from their doctor. However, it is necessary to understand that there are some costs that will not be covered by Medicare. In particular, this could apply to prescriptions and some copays. Fortunately, Medicare Advantage plans can provide policyholders with coverage for things like dental and vision. These benefits can greatly enhance the level of coverage that individuals will enjoy.

Myth: Medicare Advantage Completely Replaces Medicare Coverage

For individuals that are considering Medicare Advantage, they may be worried about pursuing it if they assume that this policy will be substantially different from traditional Medicare, which may result in less effective coverage. However, this is not the case with this type of coverage. Rather, the Medicare Advantage plan will act as both a bundling of the various types of Medicare coverage as well as providing additional supplementary coverage. This can allow you to enjoy comprehensive coverage that will allow you more efficiently and effectively manage the medical expenses that your treatments and medications will charge.

Myth: You Will Not Be Able To Change Your Medicare Advantage Plan

Another common concern that people may have about using Medicare Advantage is that they may assume that it will be difficult or impossible for them to change their plan. However, individuals will be able to easily change their Medicare Advantage provider during the yearly open enrollment period. This can allow you to easily switch policy issuers if you find that the service or coverage that your current Medicare Advantage plan provides is insufficient for your needs.

A Medicare Advantage plan is an excellent investment that may be able to improve your ability to get the treatments you need while minimizing and controlling costs. After understanding the truth behind some of the more common types of myths about these supplemental plans, deciding to purchase one of these plans and choosing a policy that will meet your needs can be much easier.