Have A Vestibular Balance Disorder? Get Relief From The Frustrating Symptoms Of Your Condition

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Have A Vestibular Balance Disorder? Get Relief From The Frustrating Symptoms Of Your Condition

22 November 2019
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Were you in an accident that caused you to sustain a head injury? The severity of that head injury could have caused you to experience difficulties with your vestibular balance. Some of the symptoms you likely experience each day include chronic dizziness, difficulty hearing and seeing as well as you once did, and trouble balancing your body. If these problems are preventing you from enjoying your life, you should focus on ways to improve your vestibular balance over time.

Start Vestibular Balance Rehabilitation 

Vestibular balance rehabilitation is typically provided to those that are diagnosed with vestibular balance disorders. During rehab, individuals with the disorder will work on performing different exercises that are supposed to help improve strength and balance. It takes time for individuals to make progress, but that does not mean that rehabilitation will not work. Many people with vestibular balance disorders end up improving their condition with the help of a specialist that provides rehabilitation therapy. After attending rehab therapy for several weeks, you might stop feeling dizzy as often as you were. It may become easier for you to regain your balance, too.

Talk to Your Physician About Taking Medication

Taking medication for your vestibular balance disorder may help. The type of medication prescribed to you by your physician would depend on the specific types of symptoms you are experiencing as a result of the disorder. Your physician would need to talk to you about your condition and ask you some important questions, such as:

  • How often are you experiencing these symptoms?
  • How long does it take for the symptoms to go away after they begin?
  • Have you noticed that certain things trigger your symptoms?

After asking you several questions and finding out more information about the symptoms that you regularly experience, the physician may want to prescribe anti-inflammatories or anti-depressants. These medications can often help lessen some of the symptoms associated with vestibular balance disorders.

After severely injuring your head, you could have a vestibular balance disorder that causes you to experience a wide range of symptoms, including chronic dizziness or vertigo. If you are having a hard time managing these symptoms, you should start looking for ways to take control and get relief. Vestibular balance rehabilitation is one of the best options. You can undergo rehab therapy to improve your balance and relieve some of the symptoms that are causing problems for you. It helps to speak with your physician about your symptoms to find out if you can take medication to get relief, too.