2 Signs That You Might Have Allergies

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2 Signs That You Might Have Allergies

13 July 2016
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Having allergies can change the way you live your life. Unfortunately, many people have severe allergic reactions to foods or environmental pathogens. It is not hard to detect these allergies, since the response will be so intense. However, many people have allergies with less common symptoms and so they go unnoticed, even though they can make a negative impact on their quality of life. Here are some signs that you might have allergies.

1. Digestive Problems

If you don't suffer from a severe allergy, you might be able to eat food you are allergic to and it will get all the way to the digestive tract before it starts to mess with your body. For example, someone with an intense reaction to milk might start to vomit, get a swollen tongue, and could have a hard time breathing immediately after drinking milk. Yet, others find that they might be able to drink the milk and then after it has reached their digestive tract a few hours later, it will give them a stomachache, diarrhea or constipation, bloody stool, or a variety of other bowel and stomach issues.

In order to detect a food allergy, you should keep a food journal. You should write down the foods that you eat, even small traces of foods, and then write how you feel throughout the day. You might start to see a correlation between food and your body. This will help you know if you have a food allergy.

2. Feeling Of Anxiety and Doom

Allergies can mess with your mind, too-- not just your stomach. When you eat something you are allergic to, it can trigger a response that makes your mind feel as though something is wrong. Since the immune system is triggered with an allergen, it will jump into fight mode. This can make many people feel as though something is wrong and can give them panic attacks or anxiety.

You might have a hard time detecting this symptom in children, since a young child cannot articulate their feelings. Thus, you should look for behavioral issues such as excessive crying, zoning out, and acting out. This could be a sign that the child is feeling jittery and worried without them actually telling you.

If you suspect that you have any kind of allergies, you need to talk to an allergist like one from Ear Nose & Throat Specialties PC right away. The longer you ignore the problem, the worse the allergies could get.