Know Thyself--And Thy Crafty Poison: The Two Keys To Successful Drug Addiction Recovery

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Know Thyself--And Thy Crafty Poison: The Two Keys To Successful Drug Addiction Recovery

8 June 2016
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You may have been ordered into a drug rehabilitation program, or you may be checking yourself into a rehab facility to solve your addiction issues. In either case, you will have a far greater chance at beating your drug dependence if you know the following two things:

There's no use for shame in an addiction treatment plan

It's easy to become addicted to intoxicating or narcotic substances including certain classes of prescription pain killers, even if you started taking them after an accident or surgical procedure. An educated, nurturing, stay-at-home mom can become an addict as easily as a bank executive, a dentist or a judge. Prescription painkiller abuse and addiction costs Americans $55 billion per year, so it's not a problem linked to being poor, uneducated or "bad." It's everybody's problem.

Painkillers don't care how much money you make. They can't judge you; they can only work inside your body to make you want more and more whether you're in actual pain or not. They kill indiscriminately, as 44 people die every day in the U.S. due to prescription painkiller overdose.

Know that you are joined by many other people in your weakness for pills. You are not a bad person. When you accept that your addiction was caused by the way you took a highly addictive medicine, you realize it is a medical/behavioral crisis that will only be solved through modern medicine and therapy. Like heart disease from lack of exercise, or skin cancer from too much sun exposure, an illness like addiction may be caused by poor choices, but in the end, it only needs to be fought, not used to make yourself feel worthless for having succumbed to it.

It's normal to feel regret and remorse for past actions, and it's a great idea to make amends where you can, but seek treatment with the thought in mind that you are valued and worth making better so you can live a fuller life with those you love.

Knowledge of what to expect equals power over your addiction

Most standard drug rehab programs feature a combination of medical and mental health support. You may be prescribed an opiate blocker to curb your craving for painkillers, and you may attend group or individual counseling sessions. The more you understand how your treatment will be managed, the more likely you are to comply with program demands and make good progress.

You should find out how the facility plans to treat your specific addiction, which drugs may be used and how the therapeutic appointments and group meetings are structured. Do your own research online or by calling the drug manufacturer to find out all you can about what to expect from any potential drug treatment, including behavioral and physical side effects of the drug.

Understand the spiritual aspects of the program as well. Some people prefer to leave religion out of their addiction treatment plan, while others may gain greater strength from leaning on their chosen faith. Find out ahead of time if you will be required to study religious texts or attend services so you can decide for yourself if you are comfortable doing so.

Researchers continue to study opioid and other addictions to develop better treatment options, including addiction-fighting drugs delivered via implants.  You can find studies online and by calling your local addiction centers or drug rehab facilities. Take charge of your life by learning everything you can about substance abuse, addiction and treatment to become the expert on your own care plan.

Don't waste any more time blaming yourself. Focus instead on how to heal yourself. For more information, contact Center For Alcohol and Drug Treatment or a similar location.