3 Non-Surgical Options To Strengthen Your Vaginal Muscles

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3 Non-Surgical Options To Strengthen Your Vaginal Muscles

24 May 2016
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You may not think about the weakening of your vaginal muscles (vaginal laxity), but age, natural childbirth, and changes in hormones can all contribute to this problem. If you use tampons, weakened vaginal muscles can make tampons difficult to wear comfortably because the tampon may not be held in place. Loose muscles can also contribute to light bladder leakage (LBL) and cause your sex life to be less satisfying. There are multiple non-surgical options to help strengthen your vaginal muscles.

Vaginal Weightlifting

Vaginal weightlifting may sound unusual, but it is a technique that is receiving more attention. A small, egg-shaped stone is attached to a string with a small bag on the other end. The stone is inserted into the vagina, and lightweight objects can be added to the bag. Your objective is to strengthen your vaginal muscles by keeping the egg inside your vagina. Over time, you can add more weight  to the bag for increased vaginal strength. The idea behind vaginal weightlifting is that you exercise other muscles throughout your body to improve muscle growth and strength, so the same should be done to maintain healthy, strong vaginal muscles.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments, such as ThermiVa, is another option to improve muscle tone inside the vagina. It is also considered a vaginal rejuvenation technique. The laser used emits a radiofrequency that is adjusted based on the type of tissue that is being treated. Not only can laser treatments strengthen vaginal muscles, but the treatment can also be used to reduce sagging of the external genitalia. Laser treatments may be ideal if you have multiple concerns regarding changes in your vagina. You will likely need multiple treatments to achieve the desired results, but several areas can be treated during each session.

Hormone Therapy

Changes in the vaginal muscles can often occur after menopause. For some post-menopausal women, the problem is significant enough to consider hormone replacements, mainly estrogen. Since hormone replacement therapy can increase your risk of blood clots, stroke, and reproductive cancers, you must weight these significant risks with any potential benefits. Another option may be to use vaginal creams containing estrogen. Although vaginal creams will carry estrogen-associated risks, a targeted treatment will decrease the amount of estrogen that circulates throughout your body. In addition to improving muscle tone in the vagina, hormonal treatments may improve issues with lubrication.

Some women may face concerns about changes in their vaginal muscles, but there are several ways to combat these changes. Choosing among the many non-surgical option can help you improve vaginal laxity and related concerns.